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How to Start a Business in Australia

Start-Up and Scale guides you through the business startup process in Australia. From idea to launch, from corporate structure and IP to product validation & MVP, due diligence and scaling.  Gain confidence as you understand the requirements, risks and opportunities – as you Start-Up and Scale your business or startup.



Fast-Track Your Success & Avoid the Pitfalls When Starting Your Business in Australia!

I get it… all you want to do is turn your idea into reality…

The reality is: Many entrepreneurs are burning out, working late nights and weekends, struggling with cash flow, product development, team members & customers… obstacles consume their time and they feel like they are running in quicksand!

Why is that?

The fact is there are many reasons why some startups are worth billions and others are burning cash like a furnace…

The Startup Genome Report found 74% of startups that scaled too early failed.

This means startups are trying to push forward before they had a solid structure and strategy in place.

It’s hardly their fault…

I mean, celebrity entrepreneurs are screaming SCALE, SCALE, SCALE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE – According to them: marketing is the means, scaling is the solution and their own expensive services will skyrocket your success. They don’t tell you about the testing, systems and structures their teams put in place, for them… What they’re doing to entrepreneurs just isn’t right!

Not only is scaling too early like putting the cart before the horse, but it is also a STARTUP DEATH SENTENCE because it’s like building a house of cards!

Listen… I am not saying you shouldn’t do marketing… What I am saying, is you must have a solid strategy, system and structure in place before spending money on marketing and fancy software, or you’ll burn cash like a blow torch through butter!

Hi, I’m Ben Waldeck, startup and technology lawyer. And I got sick of seeing Aussie entrepreneurs run into the same problems, which I have seen cost them time, money, relationships and even their sanity! So I decided to do something about it. My new book, Start-Up and Scale is for Australian tech, startup and online entrepreneurs who want to gain the clarity and confidence to build a rock-solid foundation that’s ready for future growth…

Now you can stack the odds in your favour, with a clear strategy to help you reach your goals faster, as you make the right decisions and avoid the devastating traps!

Become the expert your friends and family will respect, investors will notice, and industry professionals will recognise… building a reputation of an entrepreneur, with a solid track record is the essence of long-term success!

Successful leaders gain knowledge by investing in their education… now you can too, all for the price of lunch!

Order Start-Up and Scale now, and believe me, you will be very, very happy.



Get the Knowledge To Help You Make the Right Decisions and Avoid the Devastating Traps That Suck Clueless Newbies Over and Over Again!

benefits of the startup book

Successful leaders have the right knowledge and invest in their education…


Look at What You Will Learn:

Your Success – Nik Halik reveals the incredibly simple, yet practical step-by-step ‘rituals’ all millionaires use to achieve success – and you can too!
Solid Structure – Create a successful structure and discover how it can help you save on tax, protect your personal & company assets!
Blueprint for Success – Sam Riley discusses how to establish a rock-solid strategy and structured blueprint that will help you propel toward your vision and help to make your competition irrelevant.
The Legal Agreements you must have, what they mean and how they apply to your startup. Also, learn about the single ‘master agreement’ that no startup should be without. It’s like putting a padlock on your startup and assets.
The Million Dollar Online Sales Machine – I will uncover the marketing systems I have personally implemented for clients that has generated millions of dollars online!
Protecting your startup – Expert insights on how to legally protect your assets such as intellectual property, shares and cash. Too many founders learn about these when it’s too late!
Funding Options – important aspects of gaining funding for your startup, whether that be from friends & family, investors or yourself… and the things you can do to help them show YOU the money!
Investor Secrets – what investors are really looking for and the number one thing founders allow investors to do that you must avoid!
Sales Strategies – David Petrie uncovers his exact 6-Step sales system that you can to grab sales and investment deals by the horns, and close them – again and again.
Government Grants – Grants expert, Ben Cusack reveals incredible tips on applying for grants that could mean the difference between laughing all the way to the bank and crying yourself to sleep.
Business Process – that many startups fail to address – and why this makes potential investors and partners run for the hills faster than Usain Bolt…
Discover the Risks – that lurk around every corner for unsuspecting founders – and how you can protect yourself from falling victim to these villains hiding in the shadows.
Scaling – Serial Startup CEO, Gregory Duffell reveals how you can nail a smooth scale, without burning cash or suffering burn-out, in the process.
Save THOUSANDS on building your software product – this tip alone is worth 100x the value of the book.
Get The Best Team – Alastair Lockston and Sara O’Shea reveal how they attract, hire and keep the very best employees so they don’t leave to work for the competitors – even if they offer more money!

Transform Yourself into a knowledgeable and skilful entrepreneur, and feel empowered as you earn respect from friends, colleagues, family and investors!


The true beauty of Start-Up and Scale its practicality. You can read through from start to finish – or you can use it as a playbook by turning to the relevant sections when you need to.

Suitable for all ages, experience levels and educational backgrounds.


Meet Author, BEN WALDECK

Lawyer for Technology & Startup Companies

Ben is a lawyer who has a real-world, hands-on background in e-Commerce, web & SaaS development and tech project management.
It is Ben’s passion to guide entrepreneurs through the startup process and establish safe and secure foundations, so founders can confidently move toward success.

Some of the Brands that Ben has Worked With:



Reveal The Secrets of Their Success!


Nik Halik

Global Investor & Astronaut

Gregory Duffell

Serial CEO &
Tech Heavyweight

sam photo

Sam Riley


joanne rahn

Joanne Rahn

Zanthii Communications

al and sara

Al Loxton & Sara O’Shea

Ministry of Villas

ben cusak

Ben Cusack

Gov Grants Expert,
Bulletproof Consulting


David Petrie



Start-Up and Scale is a book for entrepreneurs of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels, who wish to start a business and potentially scale internationally.

Start-Up and Scale is a Perfect Fit For:

  • BEGINNERS that have an idea they want to turn into a lucrative business.
  • ENTREPRENEURS who want to plan a system for their startup’s success.
  • FOUNDERS who want to fast-track their vision and avoid the pitfalls.
  • ​TECH & SERVICE startup business models.
  • ​INTRAPRENEURS who want to learn more about the business-side, or want to break into a startup career.
  • ​INVESTOR-SEEKING entrepreneurs who want to know how to WOW investors to write a cheque.
  • ​SUPERSTARS who want to learn about due diligence, capital raising and scaling – from the EXPERTS!
  • COMPANIES who want to ‘retrace their steps’ to ensure that everything necessary has been taken care of.


Look What Ben's Clients Have to Say:


Civilian Astronaut, International Investor & New York Times Best Selling Author

“Ben Waldeck has provided astute advice that has been instrumental and significantly beneficial to my brand and global organisations. Ben’s hands-on consulting expertise in e-Commerce, marketing, cryptocurrencies and cloud systems sets him apart. I recommend Ben’s services with confidence.”

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nik halik

Ben’s scope of expertise is expansive. As a teammate, colleague and customer, I have had the great fortune of being able to tap into that expertise, from consultation to advice to more service-oriented action items. Consistently, Ben has provided the quality and talent I’ve come to expect from an expert, but more importantly, from an ethical professional.

Brian Julianel

When we started our business we had so many overwhelming decisions to make, choosing Ben as our lawyer is still to this date the best business decision we have made. Ben is not only extremely knowledgeable, he also takes the time to arm you with that knowledge to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the decisions you make for your business. Above all of that, Ben’s passion for what he does is undeniable and unwavering. He’s like a god send for businesses and we can’t thank him enough.

Trent Davidson & Zoe Branch


Ben really took the time to understand the legal position I was in when we first met and had some great ideas in our very first meeting. What stood out was that he both understood the startup and tech landscape, could immediately see where I was and wasn’t protected and what should happen moving forward.

He devised multiple paths forward for us, and we agreed on the right approach and contingencies. The end result was better than I had expected, and so happy to have him as part of my team ongoing.

Simon Ogilvie-Lee


If you get the opportunity to work with Ben, do it. Before working with Ben, we were going from one ‘specialist’ to the next. Our company wasn’t moving forward. Ben has made a significant impact by systematising and automating our business, which has lead to a significant increase in our online growth. We could not be happier!

Shane Atkins & Darren Barnes

When my business had matured past the start-up phase and was ready to scale, I realized it was time to bring in an expert because I was definitely out of bandwidth and out of my depth of knowledge. I wanted an online system to teach others to duplicate my business strategies and I didn’t know where or how to begin. Ben took my project from start to finish and made it easy. I love the result and the expansion of my business has brought in more clients and customers than I could imagine.

Angela Trinh

cocoon logo

‘I searched for months trying to find someone to assist with my marketing plan. Engaging Ben to assist with this strategy was the best decision I made! His advice was great and service was efficient and just what I was looking for. He guided me with his experience to provide an outcome that exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend Ben to others in a similar position.’

Nick Marks

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